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A preliminary draft of the schedule of events for the 2018 International History Olympiad has now been posted here. The competition will be based at the John F. Kennedy School, and students will stay at the nearby Berlin-Wannsee Youth Hostel, where we have reserved rooms.
We can confirm that all of the competitions listed in this draft schedule will take place, though we reserve the right to rearrange the order if needed. Sightseeing plans are subject to change, but the final sightseeing arrangements will strongly resemble what is shown here on the schedule.
Additionally, we will be making arrangements for guest speakers and special events on a continual basis from now through Spring 2018. An updated draft was posted below in November 2017 containing added information on the Closing Ceremonies, and various changes of plans for the final two days. Contact director@historybowl.com for further questions on the program.