This email was sent out to all registered participants on June 26.

Dear International History Olympiad Participants!

Nolwenn and I hope that you are eagerly awaiting the start of next month’s 2016 International History Olympiad in Honolulu, Hawaii! We wanted to take this opportunity to check in with you and your families regarding some important preparations in advance of the big week. We will then check in again next weekend with the all-important event selection forms (where you indicate which competitions and events you wish to take part in) along with some additional information. But for now, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Extra Room Nights At the University

Most importantly, we need to know as soon as possible if a student and/or family member(s) are requesting additional room nights at the University on either July 16 to 17 or July 24 to 25. Regardless of whether you have already indicated to us if you wish to have a room for either or both of these nights, you must email me at (not Nolwenn) within the next 24 hours if you wish to have a room on July 16 or July 24. An extra night is $125 per person (including meals) and will be double occupancy unless your week-long stay is at single occupancy. When you email me, please indicate the specific names of people requesting a room, and please indicate if it is for July 16, July 24, or both.

  1. Room Type Preferences

At this point, if you had indicated that a student and/or family member(s) needed rooms at the University of Hawaii, there is no possibility to change your preference, as we have needed to submit payment to the University for the rooms people have requested. If you originally said you did not want a room, but now would like one, we can still look into that for you. There would not be a late fee charge, but we cannot guarantee availability at this point.

  1. Deadline For Registration / Payments

The deadline for us to receive Olympiad registrations is July 1! You must register all students who are coming by then or we cannot guarantee that they will be able to compete.

Likewise, all payments, including for extra nights on July 16 and July 24 are due by July 1 with the exception of shuttle fees, fees for the Civilization computer game tournament, fees for the Polynesian Cultural Center excursion, and fees for parents and family members staying on the USS Missouri (see below). There will be a 48 hour grace period beginning at 11:59pm Hawaii time on July 1 during which we will contact you to submit payment, and then if fees are not in by 11:59pm Hawaii time on July 3, the late fees of $50 per day will begin accruing. All late fees (and full payment) must be received in full by the start of the Olympiad, or students will not be allowed to participate. Also, as per the refund policy (scroll down to the bottom here), at this point, no further refunds are possible for payments that have been submitted.

Important note for students from Nepal, Indonesia, and High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China! If you are still awaiting the confirmation of receiving your visas, please still register all students and submit payment by July 1 who are planning on coming. If your visa requests are rejected, you will not be charged for the registration fees aside from whatever it costs for us to reimburse you in wire transfer or PayPal fees, but you still must register and pay by July 1 like everyone else.

  1. U Pick-We Write

One of the events this year is the U Pick-We Write Bee where you are given a chance to vote on a topic that students have proposed for a competition. We have been asking for nominations on our Facebook page, and the nominees are:

  1. History of Brazil
  2. History of Cinema
  3. History of the Cold War
  4. History of Greek Mythology
  5. History of Religion

Students can vote for their preference through the end of June by accessing the survey here. I will then announce the choice in my next email.

  1. Shirt Sizes

We will be ordering official shirts for students, and we need to know your shirt size. Please indicate that in the survey too. One shirt is included in the registration fee for each student, but additional shirts may be ordered and purchased in early July once we know what the price will be for us to have them made.

  1. Dress code
    Dress at all Olympiad events is casual, and it’s likely to be relatively hot (though not quite as hot and certainly not as humid as last year in Virginia), so plan accordingly! Shorts and t-shirts (or comparable attire) are fine at all times, including for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. For the Closing Ceremonies, you will be requested to wear your Olympiad shirt, which you will be given prior to leaving for the USS Missouri.
  1. Parents / Family Members on the USS Missouri
    There are a limited number of spaces to stay overnight on the USS Missouri available for parents and family members. Please note that there is a cost of $125 for parents and family members to stay on board, and that no partial refund for the University housing fees can be given for anyone who wishes to stay on the USS Missouri and already has a room at the University on the 23rd. If you wish to sign up for this on a first-come, first-served basis, please indicate so, also on the survey.
  1. If you didn’t get General Email #1…
    This email is labeled General Email #2. Those of you who signed up over the last few weeks may not have received General Email #1. However, it is posted on the Olympiad website here. All General Emails (including this one) get posted to as well (scroll down, as it’s under News and Announcements at the bottom of the homepage), for quick referencing.
  1. Further Questions
    If you have further questions regarding rooming arrangements (either at the University or the USS Missouri) or on any specific Olympiad event, please direct those to me. All other logistical questions (including shuttles, payments, invoice requests, etc.) should be directed to Nolwenn at

Thanks, and again, please contact me as soon as possible if you need a room on July 16 or July 24 at the University. Otherwise, we’ll be in touch again next weekend with the event selection forms and further details.

Greetings from Delhi,

David Madden