Ever wondered how civilizations have survived the deadly plague? Well, students had the chance to find out through Sid Meier’s Civilization game. 

Students across all age divisions competed to see who could defend their civilization from the Black Death. Cities were destroyed and populations were diminished, yet students fought hard against barbarians and the disease. Competitors raced against time to see who could score the highest by gathering resources, building defenses, and training plague-doctors, the most important source of protection against the plagues. Participants had a really great time exercising their gaming skills in a fun, interactive way. Special shout-out to Grayson McCready and William for overseeing the competition and providing support to students; it was a wonderful game indeed! Congratulations to the following students for keeping their civilization alive and strong!


1st place-Ishaan Kendale (California) 

2nd place- Kento Giraldo (New Jersey) 

3rd place-Aadhrith Sathiyamangalam Sarvesh (UK) 

Middle School 

1st place-Dylan Merer (Ohio) 

2nd place-Sriram Susarla (Texas) 

3rd place-Matthew Skarin (Massachusetts) 


1st place- Zachary Turinsky (New Jersey) 

2nd place- William Gong (Canada) 

3rd place-Roger Lu (New York)

Navdeep Singh Badhan

Varsity, Canada (Edmonton, AB)