Hi Everyone!

Here in the Eastern USA, we’re now just 3 days away from the beginning of the Olympiad! In this relatively brief email, I just want to call your attention to some updates on various events. There will be a final main email in advance going out tomorrow with further information on logistics. But first a few important updates.

1. We are attaching a release form for our sponsor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which allows them to use photos of students on their website. Unless you have an objection to this, please fill it out and send it to help@historyolympiad.com. Also, we are also attaching a medical form. Likewise, please fill this out as soon as possible, and send it to help@historyolympiad.com Students may also bring these to the Olympiad, but if students are already in the USA and away from their parents, please forward this email to your parent(s) with instructions to return the forms to help@historyolympiad.com as soon as possible.

2. Again, a reminder for middle school students who wish to take part in the simulation to email me, and for those whom I emailed earlier regarding a need to fill out the event selection form (due to changes in scheduling the simulation) to please do so.

3. The World War I Bee has been switched to the Military History Bee (click for full details)- the focus though will be entirely on 20th century military history, and WW I will constitute 1/3 of the questions (these will likely have some tough answerlines too). This will give students who have been studying World War I a chance to still put their knowledge to good use while making this competition a bit more accessible for all. If you wish to now sign up for it, again, please fill out a new Event Selection form (accessible through the links here) and don’t forget to fill in all the events you want to do, not just the Military History Bee.

4. We have updated information on a number of events on their websites. Please see the following if you are competing in them!

Civilization Tournament

Written Exam

5. A note on the format of all Bee preliminary competitions. These will follow IHBB standard rules, with 30 questions for Varsity and JV and 25 for Middle School. US Middle School students – please review these carefully! These are different from what you have played in the National History Bee Middle School Division! International History Bee Rules Sheet


6. Please like our Facebook group here and Facebook page here! This is a great way to get to know other students coming to the Olympiad and to stay on top of Olympiad updates over the next few weeks. We’ll be posting lots of pictures here too once the competitions get underway.

That’s all for now. Thanks!