Hi Everyone,

Thanks for a great opening ceremony tonight and you’re well on your way with the Battery behind you. Here’s your next update with some important information.

1. Link to score reports and draws

This can be found here: www.historyolympiad.com/iho2015 – feel free to share with friends and family to follow from afar!

2. Important update regarding Varsity rooms

We’ve moved the Varsity bee-style competitions from Lion to the Sadler Center – we’ll use rooms Chesapeake A, B, and C – so those should be easy to find.

3. Rules, etc.
-Lights out at 11
-Meet staff to go to breakfast at 7:15
-Don’t go off campus
-If you leave campus with a parent, you need to be signed out at Chesapeake C (or just outside it, if games are going on there)

4. Where to be on July 10 (i.e. today)
8:10 am (i.e. after breakfast) outside Sadler for announcements and departure for historical geography rooms
9:30-9:45 outside Sadler (if playing Ancient History and not in historical geography)
10:45 am outside Sadler (if visiting Muscarelle Art Museum)
12:45pm in Chesapeake A (for announcements and Battery medals, then departure for afternoon events)
6:20pm in Chesapeake rooms (for Historical Geography finals)
6:50pm in Chesapeake A for Guest Speaker Professor Hahamovich
7:50pm in Chesapeake A for departure for Classical Music Bee
9:30pm in Sadler for walk backs to dorms
Have a great day!