Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Elementary, Family
Competition Type: Individual, 100 Question Multiple Choice Exam

The Country Exam is a new event at the 2022 Olympiad. It is a 100 question multiple choice exam, for which students will have 40 minutes. There is no difference in the Country Exam between the different age divisions (though different medal sets will be given out for each division. The questions on the Country Exam may be either more in line with the simpler approach featured in the questions on the Middle School and Elementary version of the Battery Exam or the more analytical approach featured in the questions on the Varsity and Junior Varsity version of the Battery Exam.

The student with the highest score overall across all age divisions in the Country Exam will win an all-expenses paid four day trip to the country in question where they will be greeted by local and national dignitaries as a world expert on the history and culture of their country! IAC staff will escort the student who wins the Country Exam, though certainly parents and other family members at their own expense are welcome to join their winning student. The length of the trip can be extended if a parent or legal guardian attends; otherwise, the arrival is projected to be on a Friday, and the departure is expected to be on a Tuesday. The dates of the trip can likely be made to coincide with a school vacation period for the student in question (they will not be set in advance before the Country Exam takes place).

The country in question, whose history and culture will be the focus of the exam, will be announced no later than April 2022 and will be posted here when that has been determined. IAC will be making investigations to see what country is most appropriate for this, but most likely it will be a small or medium-sized country in Central or Eastern Europe (i.e. not a microstate, nor Italy, Germany, Turkey, or Russia). Any student from the country in question (i.e. they attended school there or had a permanent residence there in the 2021-2022 school year; citizenship or representation at the Olympiad does not apply) is ineligible to compete in the Country Exam, but in all likelihood, the country chosen will not have any student present at the 2022 Olympiad anyway.