Terhune Orchards is a working farm with a farm store offering fresh produce and classic American pies and donuts.

Need a break from all the history? Terhune Orchards is a classic American working farm located 15 minutes from the Westin Princeton. Participants can come and pick their own cherries, blueberries, and blackberries, relax with the animals, have a mini-picnic with products from the farm store, or take a tour of the farm. For parents, there’s also a winery. And then there are the Cider Donuts, perhaps the world’s single greatest food. Don’t believe us? Come and try them out for yourself! (Rumor has it that Terhune’s may need to go into donut overdrive during the Olympiad week). Visiting Terhune’s does not require prior registration; we’ll provide a shuttle to and from at various times during the week. For students departing in the afternoon or evening on August 1, there will also be a chance to visit Terhune’s on that day as well.