Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Family
Competition Type: Individual, Multiple Choice Exam

As in 2015, 2016, and 2018 Olympiads, in 2020 we will offer a second multiple choice exam (in addition to the required Battery) on a specific topic. In 2020, our topic will be the History of the Caribbean. An exact distribution will be forthcoming shortly. The exam will feature 75 questions, and will be scored on the usual 2 points for a correct response, 0 for a blank, and -1 for an incorrect basis. The time limit for the Exam is 35 minutes. The Exam will be the first competitive event to take place on board the ship during the first day (July 19).

2018 Multiple Choice Exam Champions – Topic was History of Berlin
Varsity: Chansol Park, South Korea
Junior Varsity: Eshaan Vakil, Nevada
Middle School: William Hu, Canada
Family: Henry Howe, Virginia

2016 Multiple Choice Exam Champions – Topic was Polynesian History
Varsity: Jakob Myers, Illinois
Junior Varsity: Daniel Ma, New York
Middle School: John Phipps, Argentina

2015 Multiple Choice Exam Champions – Topic was Historical Linguistics
Varsity: Suntiparp Somsak, Thailand
Junior Varsity: Denise Sy Qing Chai, Malaysia
Middle School: Alejandro Lim, Philippines