Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School
Competition Type: Individual, Computer Game

Students who compete in the Civilization IV competition and who finish in the top 25-50% (the exact % depends on how many students have conflicts with the other events listed below that run concurrently) in their age division are welcome to compete, if they choose, in a Civilization IV scenario on the final day of competition of the Olympiad. This will also be an official medal event. Students competing in the International History Bee Finals will play in Block 1 or 3. Students competing in the finals of the Recent History or Aerospace History Bees, or the semifinals of the International History Bowl World Championships will compete in Block 1 or 2.
The scenario topic and parameters will only be revealed on the day of the competition (July 25). Students interested in competing in this competition are encouraged to play various scenarios on Civilization IV in advance of the Olympiad.

This event is new for 2020.