Divisions: Collegiate, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Family
Competition Type: Individual, Puzzle Tournament

In 2022, we will debut a new event at the Olympiad, the Crossword Puzzle Tournament. This will consist of a set of three puzzles of increasing difficulty. Students and family members will receive the first puzzle at the start of the competition. Points will be awarded for each letter filled in correctly, with bonus points going to anyone correctly finishing all letters in a puzzle correctly, and further bonus points going to the fastest competitors to do so. There will be an overall time limit, but there is no set allocation to how much time must be spent on which puzzle. However, the first puzzle must be turned in to receive the second puzzle, and the second puzzle must be turned in prior to receiving the third puzzle. Once a puzzle is turned in, the overall time (not the specific time spent on each puzzle) will be noted, and that will be used to calculate the timing bonus points among all correct finishers. Once a puzzle has been turned in, it may not be edited further. Please see the 2015 Hextathlon for a sample puzzle. All entries in the puzzle will have historical relevance (i.e. there will not be filler words). The crossword puzzle is no longer part of the Hextathlon in 2022.

This event is new for 2022.