When: Late Afternoon, Day 3, 5, or 6   
Optional sightseeing venue; combined with visit to the Neues Museum

The Gemäldegalerie is one of Germany’s top art museums, containing a highly impressive collection of Western art with a particular concentration on Old Masters. Artists represented in its collections include Albrecht DürerLucas CranachHans HolbeinJan Van EyckRaphaelBotticelliTitianCaravaggioPeter Paul RubensRembrandtVermeer and more. Students competing in the Art History Bee may in particular be interested in visiting this museum, as some 10-25% of all Art History Bee questions will contain at least one reference to works at the Gemäldegalerie.
Students visiting the museum will also have the chance to visit the Neues Museum, another museum on Museum Island. The two museum visits are presented as one of the sightseeing options for students in the afternoons on Days 3, 5, and 6.