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International Academic Competitions Executive Director David Madden was an exchange student for 6 months in Vienna, Austria in 1998-1999.* Olympiad Staff Member Susan Madden was an exchange student in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1968. Not only are David and Susan still fluent respectively in German and Portuguese from their experiences, but they both credit their time abroad as high school exchange students with AFS Intercultural Programs as helping them get into university, gain confidence as travelers and world citizens, and forge lifelong friendships. If you are at all curious as to opportunities as an exchange student, please come and hear a bit more about what it’s like to set off for life in a new country with a new family and a new school. Be careful, though – your life might never be the same again – ours sure weren’t!

Also, David took part in the 2003 International Youth Leadership Conference in Prague and had a great time. This is a college level conference; college and high school students are welcome to ask David questions about that too.

* – Olympiad trivia note! When David was an exchange student in Vienna, he enjoyed watching Jeder Gegen Jeden (translation: Each Against Everyone) – a German language quiz show that eighteen years later provided the idea for the popular Olympiad event Knockout. You never know when your exchange student experiences can provide inspiration later in life! If you’re interested in seeing an episode of Jeder Gegen Jeden, click here. Even if you don’t speak German, you can probably get the gist of the show – and if you listen carefully, you may even be able to figure out a few of the questions and answers!