Carnival offers an extensive program of onshore excursions on each island that we will visit. On Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts, and Saint Martin / Sint Maarten, several excursions will be open to participating students as Olympiad staff will be able to accompany them. This includes students who are taking part without an accompanying parent or guardian. These shore excursions will cost extra, however (note that the tours of Old San Juan and of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten on the morning we are there are included for participating students). The specific excursions which will be on offer will be determined in September or October 2019 – none of them will involve swimming or beach visits for liability reasons.

Note that on Puerto Rico, we will not take part in Carnival excursions, as that is where we are boarding and disembarking. Participants will get a chance to sightsee in San Juan though). On Saint Thomas and Barbados, no competing students will be able to do shore excursions, as we have mandatory competitions on those days on board the ship.

Students who are coming with a parent or legal guardian are welcome to take part in non-IAC chaperoned shore excursions on Saint Martin (including in the morning if you wish to forego the IAC-chaperoned island tour), Saint Lucia, and Saint Kitts, though you must notify IAC staff in advance that you are doing these. In these cases, students’ parents or guardians would pay Carnival directly for the cost of the excursions.

For family members and other participants who are not competing students (i.e. family friends, coaches, etc.), you are certainly welcome to take part in whatever shore excursions you wish on any island, though you must book these on your own through Carnival. Likewise, when competing students take part in IAC-chaperoned shore excursions, you may be able to accompany them, but we cannot guarantee that (that depends on how Carnival organizes the excursions in question).

For details on the excursions that Carnival offers on each island, please click on the links below:

Shore excursions on Saint Lucia      Shore excursions on Saint Kitts
Shore excursions on Saint Martin / Sint Maarten (we will have an island tour planned in the morning, but if students wish to forego that and do a full-day shore excursion with their families, that will be permitted. Additional shore excursions will be possible in the afternoon)
Shore excursions on Saint Thomas (not for competing students, as all will need to compete in the Battery & Hextathlon that day)
Shore excursions on Barbados (not for competing students, as all will need to compete in the History Bowl that day)

These banners are on the ship and show a picture from some of the different excursions that Carnival offers: