Have a look at the Olympiad schedule. It’s (purposefully) packed wall-to-wall with events from 8am to 10pm each day. That’s so that students can make the most out of their time in Berlin and get in all of the competition, sightseeing, and other opportunities that they want to experience. But… not only is it not expected that students will compete in all the events they can, it’s not recommended. For one thing, the Olympiad is designed so that students can focus their preparation on one or several events so that they have a better chance of winning at least one medal. Even more importantly, though, there’s only so much time a student can spend competing and sightseeing before their energy begins to flag.

To that end, we’ll have a number of classrooms at the Berlin Brandenburg International School designated as supervised study rooms, nap rooms, and rooms for board games. If you’re at the school and are not actively competing, you’ll be able to relax, have fun, and recharge your batteries so that you can compete at your best level when your next competition comes up.