u-pick-signAt past Olympiads, students expressed an interest in writing their own event and we gave them a chance to do so with the U Pick-U Write event. In 2022, we will have at least three time slots available for students to do this. Note that due to question security concerns, this won’t be an official medal event, but we’ll help organize the event on your questions.
If you are interested in writing a set of questions on a topic of your choosing (a minimum of 70 questions [i.e. enough for one preliminary and one final round] are needed; sets of 100 or 110 questions [i.e. enough for two preliminary and one final round] are preferred), please contact info@iacompetitions.com with your preferred topic. It is permitted, and indeed encouraged, to write these sets together with other question writers (at least one writer must attend the Olympiad; it is okay if other writers do not). Please do not suggest specific topics that are already part of the Olympiad (e.g., don’t propose a specific set on aerospace history, but if you want to write a World War I set and include some questions on World War I aviation, that’s certainly fine) or which are too obscure to write a playable set of questions about.
Once topics are approved, they will be posted here.