Battle of Hohenfriedberg – Attack of Prussian Infantry, 4 June 1745, by Carl Röchling

Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School
Competition Type: Individual, 3 preliminary rounds of 30 (V & JV) or 25 (MS) tossup questions + finals
The finals of this event will be held during the Closing Ceremonies inside Charlottenburg Palace (Schloß Charlottenburg)!

The 2018 International History Olympiad’s military history topic will be German Military History from ancient times to the 21st century. This is a more narrowly construed topic than many of our other events, so advanced specific preparation will be particularly rewarded here. For purposes of this competition, Austrian Military History will also be considered until 1867. The history of Prussia and the other German states will be considered in full, as well as the Holy Roman Empire, and Germanic tribes and crusading orders in antiquity and the middle ages. Swiss military history will not be considered.

2016 Champions (Topic was Naval History)
Varsity: Boyang Hou, Singapore
Junior Varsity: Ryan Hamilton, Canada
Middle School: Shiva Oswal, California

2015 Champions (Topic was 20th Century Military History)
Varsity: Bruce Lou, California
Junior Varsity: Jonathan Tran, Oregon
Middle School: Chansol Park, Hong Kong