indexDivisions: Collegiate, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School
Competition Type: Individual, 3 preliminary rounds of 30 (V & JV) or 25 (MS) tossup questions + finals

  • Sample questions will be available after topic has been selected

U Pick-We Write is a chance for Olympiad participants to determine the topic of a bee-style competition, which then our staff will then write the questions for. Players who have registered for the Olympiad are eligible to nominate a topic. Registered players will vote on the nominees, though the final selection of the nominated topics is solely at the discretion of Olympiad staff. Registered players will then have a chance to vote on the topics, and the topic winning the most votes will then become an official event.

2018 Champions – topic was Women’s History
Varsity: Ryan Hamilton, Canada
Junior Varsity: Elizabeth Enright, Singapore
Middle School: Cooper Roh, Illinois

2016 Champions – topic was History of the Cold War
Varsity: Luke Tierney, New York
Junior Varsity: Ryan Hamilton, Canada
Middle School: Jingxuan Lin, China

This event was not held in 2015