Dear International History Olympiad Participants!

(Olympiad Staff, you have been CCed, but this email is just for informational purposes for you)

We’re now just 10 days away from the start of the Olympiad on July 9 ! We hope that you are getting excited and are studying hard. We have a few updates to pass along, as well as the Event Selection Forms for each division.

Click on the form below for your division, but note the following points first:

1. Don’t worry about the Table Combined and Hextathlon times overlapping on the schedule. Everyone who wishes to play Table Combined will also have the chance to compete in the Hextathlon (which is a required event).

2. The version of Civilization we will be playing is Civilization 4. There is a $25 fee for playing in the Civilization tournament. Further details will follow soon – you do NOT need to bring your own laptop for Civilization

3. Please click through to the links here for further information on a number of the events, including the Historical Simulation and the Great Trading Game that you might be unfamiliar with.

4. The lunch talk with Professor Hahamovitch, the Scramble, and the Linguistics exam will all have sign up at the Olympiad itself.

5. You DO need to bring your own laptop if you wish to participate in the research competition.

6. No event has a field cap, with the exception of the lunch talk with Prof. Hahamovitch. The simulations, though, need at least 8 people for each time slot to run.

7. Very important! Remember that the Olympiad works very differently from any other competition. Just because you CAN compete in dozens of events does not mean you SHOULD! You are likely to do much better in events that you have spent sufficient time preparing for. We will have a library and practice rooms at the Olympiad as well.

Consider the following as an example: for the Classical Music History Bee, we have 140 different questions on classical music alone! In many IHBB/NHBB events, you’ve had questions on Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc. But do you know anything about Rachmaninoff? Prokofiev? Borodin? Rostropovich? Cui? (and that’s just Russia!). If you study hard, you can certainly learn about dozens of different composers and their works between now and July 10 , but use your time wisely and plan your Olympiad to your greatest strategic advantage. Don’t forget to save some time for getting to know new friends from around the world:

Please fill these out as soon as possible – ideally by July 1 ! You are permitted to drop events at all times (though please let us know with as much advance notice as possible). You are permitted to add events until 7am on July 7 in the Eastern USA. If you wish to adjust your selections, just fill out the form again – we’ll take your most recent submission as your official one. If you have to change your selections, that’s okay, but again, your prompt submission of your event selection form will help us tremendously with our planning.

Other Updates:

1. If you signed up relatively late in the process and didn’t get a chance to receive Email # 1 , it is posted here – please read through it!

2. A further update with much more logistical information (including a list of what to bring) will go out on the evening of July 1 US Eastern time. Unless something is urgent, please hold off on emailing us your questions until after then – a number of people have been asking questions that we’ll be providing answers to in the July 1 email.

3. Additional emails will go out after July 1 as needed.

4. The final schedule of events has been posted to the website and is attached here as well if you wish to reference it while selecting your events.

5. The post-Olympiad Tour still has a few spots left! The itinerary is posted here for those who are interested. Registration here has been extended through July 1 – space will remain available afterwards on an as-available basis.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!


David and Nolwenn