Hi Everyone,

We hope that you are en route or are soon to be en route to the Olympiad! We wanted to send one last email with two important points of clarification. First, over the past few days, a number of parents have emailed us with requests for reasonable accommodations for students with exceptional needs. If your student has any special needs that we should be aware of, please email (or have your parent email) bunnie@historybowl.com to let us know (if you have not already contacted Nolwenn or me). Please note that not all accommodations can be made (the decision to allow this or not rests with Olympiad staff), but we will try our best to create the least restrictive environment for all students.

If such accommodations are granted, they will not give the student in question any unfair advantage over another student.

Secondly, just to clarify, everyone is automatically signed up for the International History Bee World Championships (with prelims on the evening of July 13 and finals on the morning of July 15). That’s why it wasn’t on the sign up sheet, but to clarify, the Bee is not a required event. If you don’t wish to compete, please email me to let me know. However, the overwhelming majority of students will be competing in it, and nothing else will be going on at this time.

Best regards,