Dear Olympiad Participants!

We’re now just 2 days away, and your Olympiad advance scout team has arrived in Williamsburg to get everything set! Without any further ado, and in no particular order, here are some important things to keep in mind. Please read this email in full! It, like all emails will be posted to the “News” link on the menubar at but please read through it and print it out or have it on your smartphone when you arrive!

1. Wireless Access

Please see the attached file for information on accessing the free wireless internet access at William and Mary. Note that if you do not follow instructions exactly, you may be blocked for a week!

2. Shuttles – Where to Meet Staff

If you are arriving at an airport on the 8th or the 9th and have arranged for a shuttle, please look for the Olympiad staffer in a red polo shirt! International arrivals should meet staff outside the area where they clear US customs. If you are arriving on a domestic flight (this includes international students who are connecting in the USA prior to their flight to Richmond/Dulles/Reagan/Newport News) please meet staff at the baggage claim area. If you don’t immediately see staff, don’t panic! Just wait in place, and call +1 202  492 2420. Email also works – email We’ll be checking emails very frequently at that address from July 8 – July 16.

3. Parking / Map

Parking instructions are attached along with a printable parking pass. See the map for how to get around and where to park. If you are staying late, you can pick up a new one at the Information Desk in Sadler Center for your late departure days.

4. Where to go once you arrive

When you arrive, come to check in at the Sadler Center. You can pick up your room assignment and key and meal card. The Sadler Center is open from 8am-10pm.
You also need to check in with Olympiad staff to let us know you are here. Please do that in Chesapeake C (not York as first reported to some of you) on the second floor of Sadler. Olympiad check in is open from 6pm-10pm on the 8th and from 10am-2:30pm, 5pm-6:30pm, and 9pm-10pm on the 9th.

If you arrive after hours, you should proceed to the Botetourt Complex (Fauquier, Gooch, Spotswood) and call 757-221-4084. The staff on call will then meet them at the Botetourt Complex to check in. We can do Olympiad check in on the 10th as needed for late arrivals in Chesapeake C.

5. Where you need to be for your first events

The Battery will be administered in Millington 150 (see the map). This is a 3-5 minute walk from Sadler. We will have many staff pointing the way, but you can also meet staff outside Sadler from 2:30-2:45 if you wish to walk over together. From 3pm-3:15pm, everyone will get a safety briefing from William and Mary staff and police. From 3:15pm-4:15pm, you will take the first 200 questions of the Battery. There will then be a 15 minute break. The second 200 Battery will take place from 4:30pm-5:30pm. You can leave the Battery early, but once you leave Millington 150 for whatever reason (even to go to the bathroom), you cannot return. No bathroom breaks are permitted during any written exam for security reasons. Go beforehand!
If you arrive after 5pm, please do not go to Millington, but to Chesapeake C for the make up Battery (this is not an official event, but will help us form your teams).
After the Battery, please get dinner as soon as possible. Then, please assemble (if it’s good weather) outside the main entrance to the Sadler Center at 6:45pm. If it’s raining, meet inside the front entrance to Sadler at 6:45pm.
Locations for subsequent events not on the 10th will be announced upon arrival. Come to Chesapeake C at any time during the weekend if you are confused about any aspect of the Olympiad – that’s where the help desk will be. Or email or call +1 202 492 2420.
6. A word on team formation
A lot of effort has gone in (already) to putting the teams together. All teams must be 2 or 3 students. Wherever possible, we have tried to have teams consisting of students all from the same state or country. We have also taken into account the decisions of students who were willing to play up a division. Also, if a state or country has 5 or more students, the top students on the Battery will constitute the top team (and the top team will be 3 and the lower team 2 students if there are 5 from a country/state).
Beyond this, in certain instances, especially if there is only 1 student from a state or country, we will need to form mixed teams. Please do not protest team decisions / request specific teammates. The team formation process is not up to participants, except insofar as they can select their affiliation (if applicable).
7. Military History Bee registration
The Military History Bee has been changed on the Event Selection forms from the World War I Bee. However, if you signed up for the World War I Bee, we assume you will still want to play in the Military History Bee. If you do not, please email me.
8. Towels and linens
Towels and linens are included. You don’t need to bring a towel, contrary to what we had said, unless you want an extra.
9. Deadline for signing up
The deadline for signing up for events is 7am EST tomorrow morning (i.e. in 5 hours). However, for all events other than Table Combined, we will still take people for all events until noon tomorrow (i.e. in 10 hours).
10. Tours of William and Mary
If you wish to take a tour of William and Mary, these can be done on July 10 or July 13 only at 10am or 2:30pm. Please sign up here! We will have a staff member go with you – you will meet in front of Sadler at 9:50am or 2:20pm. Note that these times may conflict with your events, so please check the online schedule here before doing so.
11. Tours of the Muscarelle Art Museum, signing up for the Scramble, the Historical Linguistics Exam, and the Lunch Talk with Professor Hahamovich
All of this will be done/announced in Williamsburg – don’t worry about it for now.
Thanks, safe travels, and see you soon!