Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School
Competition Type
: Individual, Research and Group Seminar

For the 2022 International History Olympiad, we are introducing a new event which showcases how history impacts important issues of the present: the Task Force. A number of separate Task Forces will be offered; each will be considered a separate event. The topics will be determined in the coming months after consultation with professors from Princeton University; details will then be posted on this page.

In advance of the Task Force, students who plan on participating will write a 1200-1600 page paper on a specific aspect of the topic of discussion. Students will also listen to online speakers, read articles, and familiarize themselves with the topic in advance of the Olympiad.

At the actual Olympiad, students will then come together in their age division groups, present their findings, listen to additional presentations, analyze further materials, and then draft a slate of recommendations on the topic.

Students will be evaluated not only through their own presentations, but on how well they collaborate in the group (hint: talk less, listen more!) and the merits of their contributions to the final report. The Task Forces may be field-capped and/or be offered by application only; details on this will be posted here in advance of the Olympiad.