The inaugural 2015 International History Olympiad will be held at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA on July 9-15, 2015. The International History Olympiad will be a week-long celebration of history for students from around the world, with competitions, field trips, seminars with professors, social events, and more. Click here to download the schedule (Excel format). If you have any questions, please contact us.

A few notes:

  • During the program of the Olympiad, there will be individual and team-based events . These include buzzer-based quiz competitions, exams, historical debates, simulation of historical events (e.g. the Congress of Vienna or the planning of the D Day invasion), historical games, field trips to historic sites, and a historical scavenger hunt. There will also be a chance to interact with professors and get a sense for what studying history in college is like. Foreign students in particular may be interested to tour an American university and gain information on study abroad opportunities in the USA.
  • There will almost certainly be far more students from the USA at the Olympiad than any other country (as IHBB is most developed in the USA so far). In future years, this arrangement will likely change.
  • Students who gain eligibility for the 2015 Olympiad but who then graduate high school in spring 2014 will still be allowed to compete in 2015 even if they have 1 year of university or other post-high school experience. When students qualify for the Olympiad, they qualify for 2 years, so as to allow for greater ease of planning. They may then attend both Olympiads for which they are eligible without having to requalify.
  • Students will not have to compete in all events (in fact, in some cases, this will indeed be impossible), but there will be no discount given if students compete in fewer events.
  • We are actively seeking input and suggestions to help guide our planning. Contact us at if you would like to contribute your thoughts.