A draft schedule of events for the 2020 International History Olympiad is available for download here.
This file is current as of September 7, 2019.

Note: Additions, deletions, and modifications to this plan will be made in the months leading up to the 2020 International History Olympiad. Competitors can however plan that all competition events listed currently on the file will take place. Note in particular that the possible sightseeing options for competitors which will be led by Olympiad staff as shore excursions will be determined in either September or October of 2019. Students are welcome to accompany their parents or guardians on other shore excursions as well (except on St. Thomas or Barbados where they will need to remain with our group). Optional sightseeing / led by Olympiad staff is not included in the Olympiad fees; the optional sightseeing events will have separate costs depending on what the sightseeing consists of.
Please also note that there will be a very extensive program of on-board activities and events organized by Carnival which participants and their families can take part in as well. This website has further details on these.