2022 International History Olympiad – Organized by International Academic Competitions

Current Pricing Schedule for Program and Accommodations

Program Price: $1775, includes taxes. This cost includes all events, from 7:30am to the end of each day’s program. This is reduced to $1675 if paid in full by February 1, 2022 (if paying by check, it must be received at IAC headquarters in Burlington, Vermont by this date). Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The Program Price must be paid in full by all participating students, including day students who are not staying at an official IAC hotel, and for whom it is their responsibility to get to and from the Westin each day and officially sign in and sign out.
A la carte pricing on an event by event basis is not available.

Accommodation Price: At present, everyone signing up for the International History Olympiad and needing accommodations may choose from the following options. Please note that all accommodation charges must be paid to International Academic Competitions. Please do not reserve rooms or pay the hotel directly for rooms (the posted rates online are significantly higher).

Per Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Division Students Staying at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village on their own:
$500 – Shared room quad occupancy (two double beds – students must bring their own sleeping bags)
$650 – Shared room triple occupancy rate (one king and rollaway bed) for students staying in the king bed – (students share a bed and thus bring sleeping bags)
$700 – Shared room triple occupancy rate (one king and rollaway bed) for a student staying in the single rollaway bed (no sleeping bag needed)
$950 – Shared room double occupancy (two double beds – students do not share a bed and thus do not need to bring sleeping bags)

These prices include all taxes.

Per Elementary, Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Division Students Staying with their Families at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village:
Elementary Division students who are required to attend with their parents pay the $1775 program fee, and then an extra $1225 for the room (tax included) for seven nights (which then includes accommodations for up to 4 people if selecting a double room). This option can now be selected for students in Elementary, Middle School, JV, and Varsity Divisions too.
If a king room is selected, then a rollaway bed can be added to accommodate a third person in the room for an extra $200 for the week. Thus, for example, a student attending with their parents, where the parents plan on sleeping in a king bed, and the student in an added rollaway bed costs $3200. Due to space limitations, there is an initial field cap of 60 Elementary Division students to stay at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, though there is no other field size restriction specifically for the Elementary Division if students are staying elsewhere with their parents.

For Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity students, it IS now permitted for parents to stay at the Westin in the IAC room block (due to space limitations). Rooms cost $1225 (tax included) for seven nights (which then includes accommodations for up to 4 people if selecting a double room). IAC will not be providing transit between other accommodations and the Westin; parents must rent a car, use their own car, rideshare, or work out other arrangements.

Accommodations and Registration for School-Sponsored Coaches and Chaperones
Coaches or chaperones who are on the faculty of a school from outside the continental USA, as well as a coach accompanying at least one student in the Elementary Division, are permitted to stay at the Westin in a room on their own. The cost is $1200, including all taxes, for the seven nights from the evening of July 25 through the morning of August 1. A second person can stay in the room free of charge if desired; a rollaway bed can be provided for an extra $200 for the week too for a third person. A fourth person can stay in the same room free of charge if a room with two double beds is requested. Coaches are on their own in terms of securing their meals, but note that there are plenty of meal options within walking distance of the hotel.
If a coach wishes to book a room, please email david@iacompetitions.com. Please do not book with the hotel directly – the room rates that are currently posted online for the hotel for that period are significantly more expensive than what we are charging for the coach’s rate.

Day Student Policy (i.e. for those not staying at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village)
Participating as a day student is permitted for students in the Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, and Elementary Divisions. However, for students in the Middle School and Junior Varsity Divisions, if a student is competing as a day student, then they must have a designated adult who will be physically present with them in the evenings who will act as their guardian. This designated parent or guardian must sign Middle School and Junior Varsity students in and out officially so that IAC is aware when they are signed out from the Olympiad. Varsity students may compete on a day student basis and sign themselves in and out. For Varsity students aged 16 or 17, a designated guardian must be listed, though they need not be physically present. Varsity students aged 18 or 19 are considered legal adults and are not subject to any policies regarding parents or guardians.

Further Information
1. Payments will be accepted by the following methods: US $ denominated check, Credit card via Paypal (fees apply), Wire transfer (fees apply), Flywire (for payments from outside the USA only).
2. An invoice will be provided upon registration with payment instructions; if desired, a receipt can be issued as well upon receipt of payment.

Deadline for Payments & Early and Late Payment Policies
There will be a $100 discount to the program price if the registration fee is paid by February 1, 2022.

The deadline for all payments is June 30, 2022. There will be a 10-day grace period following this. Payments (including Accommodation Costs) received on July 10-July 25 are subject to a 10% surcharge. Payments received after July 20 are subject to a further $100 inconvenience fee on top of the 10% surcharge. No student will be allowed to compete in any Olympiad event (nor will Olympiad staff be legally responsible for students who show up without having paid) until the payments due have been received in full. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Refund Policy
If International Academic Competitions is forced to cancel the Olympiad in advance of it due to reasons pertaining to Covid-19, then participation fees will be reimbursed in full, minus any transaction fees we incur (including currency conversions, credit card fees, and wire transfer fees). If we need to cancel the Olympiad during the event itself, then registration costs will be refunded on a prorated basis depending on how much of the Olympiad has taken place until then.

Aside from refunds being given if we are forced to cancel the Olympiad due to Covid-19, refunds for any reason will be provided in full, minus any transaction fees we incur (including currency conversions, credit card fees, and wire transfer fees), until May 31, 2022. From May 31 until June 30, 2022, a 50% refund will be provided. After June 30, no refunds will be provided. As IAC needs to pay unrecoverable costs based on the registration numbers in advance of the Olympiad (e.g. securing guaranteed accommodations, hiring staff and paying for their travel, securing bus arrangements, buying tickets for field trips, etc.), we regret that there are no exceptions to our refund policy no matter how extenuating the circumstances.

Please note that if a family decides to withdraw a student due to concerns about Covid-19, unless IAC itself makes the decision to cancel the Olympiad, there are no additional refunds provided beyond what is mentioned in the above paragraph.

For undergraduate university students competing in the online only Collegiate Division
Events in the Collegiate Division will be paid for on an a la carte basis. Costs will range from $15 to $80 for individual events depending on the number of rounds, and $125 to $375 for the History Bowl team event depending on how many people are on a team. There will likely be discounts available for providing a reader or readers as well. If students have not paid in advance, they will not be allowed to compete. Refunds for the Collegiate Division can be provided in full up until the Collegiate Division Registration Deadline of July 20, when payments are due. Payments received between July 21 and when the event takes place are subject to a 25% surcharge, and IAC reserves the right not to take registrations for events in the Collegiate Division after July 20.

Costs for Parents and Spectators
There is no cost to be an Official Spectator, though for certain field trips, there will also be charges if IAC handles the transportation and payments. This will only be an option for the Elementary Division (where parents are required to attend). For parents of participants in other age divisions, IAC will not provide field trips for parents or other spectators, but you are free to meet your children at the destinations of the field trip(s) and accompany them at those sites.
There will also be a cost for parents and other guests to attend the Closing Ceremonies on the USS Intrepid. This will include museum admission, beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert.
Costs for field trips and the closing Ceremonies for parents will be determined by the time that Event Selection opens for registered students in early May.

Staying before the night of July 25 or after the night of July 31 at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village
For students, extra nights on July 24 and August 1 are available for an additional cost of $125 each night (tax included). This is for double occupancy only and includes taxes. This does not include meals before lunch on July 25, nor meals after breakfast on August 1. These must be booked through International Academic Competitions (i.e. not the hotel); there is a question about this on the registration form where you can indicate your interest in this option.

For families, if you wish to extend your stay at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village, for any of the following nights: July 22, 23, 24, or August 1, 2, 3 IAC can try and secure a rate of approximately $140 each night (tax included), which is cheaper than the posted rates for those nights online. This is for double occupancy only and includes taxes. However, this is due to availability at the hotel at this rate at the hotel, and we cannot guarantee that. Please contact info@iacompetitions.com if you are interested in this option.

Airport / Train Station Arrivals and Departures
Airport pickups and dropoffs are available at Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, New Jersey for $50 each way, or at John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York City (option only available for students coming outside North America) each way for $75.
IAC does not provide airport pickups or dropoffs for students (including Elementary Division students) who are coming to the Olympiad with accompanying adult(s) (whether from North America or overseas), but we can provide recommendations for taxis, Uber/Lyft rides, and public transportation. IAC can provide complimentary transfers for students and families from the Amtrak / New Jersey Transit station at Princeton Junction to the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village, but only for arrival and departure to and from the Olympiad (i.e. not during the week) unless students are participating in Olympiad field trips that require travel.

Financial Aid
There is some financial aid available through other measures such as being a parent volunteer at IAC events or by becoming a question writer (if you are in high school and have been competing at a high level for at least two years). IAC can also provide advice on how to fundraise (e.g. we can provide fundraising advice for you to help find donors in your community and provide quiz questions and instructions for running a quiz night as a fundraiser – you can easily raise up to $500 or more this way) and assist with press releases that can help you get noticed by people and businesses who might support you. We can also provide an official letter of qualification that you can use for a www.gofundme.com campaign to support your registration fees and travel costs. Please contact info@iacompetitions.com if you are interested in any of these methods.
Remember also that if it is an option, carpooling to and from the Olympiad may significantly reduce travel costs.