We had the most wonderful experience at our first International History Olympiad in Rome. The moderators and staff were knowledgeable, kind, patient, strict, and fair throughout the competition. Watching the students meet like-minded peers and bond during the tournament was a joy to observe as a parent. They supported each other during both successes and setbacks, learning true sportsmanship. Competing at this level is an invaluable life skill and the environment you created was amazing. The competition’s individual events, team events, field trips, and free time were well balanced. We are looking forward to the National History Bee USA National Championships in 2024 and International History Olympiad in 2025.

Brent Costello

-Tracy Fitzgerald
Mother of Brent Costello
Team New York – Elementary Division

I wanted to thank you all for organizing and running the Olympiad this Summer. It was an incredibly enriching experience for my son, Lucas, and the memories will certainly last a lifetime. I was a little worried sending him to Rome alone but your team did an outstanding job of running the event and ensuring he made it home safely. I’d also like to add that the History Olympiad in Princeton, NJ and the many Nationals he’s attended over the years have all been great, well-run events. As Lucas is now a senior, I’m looking forward to seeing you all one more time at the next National Championships.

Lucas O'Flanagan

-Brian O’Flanagan
Father of Lucas O’Flanagan
Team Connecticut – Varsity Division

Is it an exam? Is it a buzzer-based quiz? As a first-timer in the IHO junior varsity division, we used to wonder what it is, initially. The International History Olympiad was all this and much more! It is a one-of-a-kind experience that tests multiple intelligences ranging from writing a 3000 word research paper, recreating the Mongol empire in Civilization VI game, role-playing at historical simulation and of course competing in the team and individual events of History Bowl and History Bee. There was something for everyone and all ages, ranging from elementary to high school. A student could compete in as many events as they are comfortable with. Apart from going deep into several areas, this sort of immersive experience teaches so many valuable life skills like grit and resilience whether you win or lose, and the ability to work hard and make the right choices for yourself and your team. We had a fantastic experience with the IHO staff and team and will continue to compete in the qualifying regional and national events leading up to it. The field trips and excursions planned were a lot of fun and we hope to return in the future!

Ashwin Vaidyanathan

-Anusha Vaidyanathan
Mother of Ashwin Vaidyanathan
Junior Varsity Division, California

To date, the International History Olympiad has been the most fulfilling learning and networking experience in my entire life. As a first-ever participant from Uzbekistan, I enjoyed every single minute of the Olympiad, thanks to the impeccable organization and like-minded peers who exhibited the best example of sportsmanship by supporting and cheering each other, even though we were on different teams. I participated in various contests, but the buzzer events were special. Although I did not earn a medal in the buzzer events, it was a great feeling to simply hold the buzzer and experience that exhilarating atmosphere of competition. The most emotional moment of the Olympiad for me were the Medals Ceremonies. They hold a special spot in my memory as my heart nearly jumped out of my chest before the mindblowing announcements when I was announced as the winner of two of the exams. In Uzbekistan, I would not have had an opportunity to test my knowledge of history because STEM events and contests are given more prominence than history and other humanities and social sciences events. Together with my younger brothers, representing the younger generation of history nerds in my family, we are looking forward to the next Olympiad in 2025.

-Humoyun Bakhtiyarov
Uzbekistan, Varsity Division