Students have experienced written questions about Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, but how about an audio twist? Here, 50% of the questions were audio; 4 songs were played, and students were asked to identify composers, name of the pieces, and other historical facts. The challenge is on! 

Students had a unique experience at the International History Olympiad and had a great time recalling amazing composers well-known in history and especially among piano players! 

Congratulations to the following students who are declared experts in classical music and its history!!! Elementary 

Gold-Ryca Finan (Washington)- 7 points in finals 

Silver-Neel Jayaraman (New York)- 4 points in finals 

Bronze- Sahil Prasad (Maryland)- 2 points in finals with tie-breaker 

Middle School 

Gold-Zack Lam (Maryland)- 11 points in finals 

Silver-Maya Pujara (Connecticut)- 5 points in finals 

Bronze-Joyann Hua (Canada) – 4 points in finals 

Junior Varsity 

Gold-Arin Parsa(California)- 9 points in finals with tie-breaker 

Silver-Kerry Xu(California)- 9 points in finals 

Bronze-Rajiv Pujara(Connecticut)- 6 points in finals 


Gold-Cooper Roh (Illinois)- 10 points in finals 

Silver-Zachary Turinsky(New Jersey)- 5 points in finals 

Bronze-Lukas Spitz-Chapman(New Jersey)- 3 points in final with tie-breaker 

Navdeep Singh Badhan 

Varsity, Canada (Edmonton, AB)