Field Trip 10: Optional Day Trip to Montreal (only for students also attending the International Geography Championships)
For students who are also competing in the International Geography Championships (and for these students only), we will be organizing an optional day trip to Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, the second largest in Canada, and one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world. The trip itself will take place on August 1 (i.e. the departure day for Olympiad students not taking part in IGC, and before IGC officially begins on August 2). Students on this trip will have the opportunity to visit Vieux Montréal (the old city) and many other historic and culturally significant sites. We will post a full itinerary here when available. This trip will take place by bus and will cost extra. The cost will be determined once the itinerary is set, but will likely be in the $100-$150 USD range (including all travel, entry fees, lunch, dinner, guides, and tip). Parents and family members of students who are attending both the Olympiad and the Geography Championships are welcome to attend (but must of course pay the same fees).