Divisions: Collegiate, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Elementary
Competition Type: Individual, 6 preliminary rounds and 2 playoff rounds, each consisting of 35 (Collegiate, V, and JV) or 30 (MS and Elementary) tossup questions. This event counts towards a third of the overall total score for the International History Olympiad Championship in the Middle School and Elementary Divisions.
This is a required event for all competing students.

The International History Olympiad affords the opportunity to crown a World Champion in the International History Bee. With various national and regional champions and top challengers in attendance, this is sure to be one of the highlights of the week. Very few people ever earn the title of World Champion, perhaps this will be your chance!

2018 Champions
Varsity: Jonathan Tran, Oregon
Junior Varsity: Arjun Nageswaran, India
Middle School: Shiva Oswal, California

2016 Champions
Varsity: Jakob Myers, Illinois
Junior Varsity: Gareth Thorlakson, Canada
Middle School: Enzo Cunanan, Florida

2015 Champions
Varsity: Bruce Lou, California
Junior Varsity: Luke Tierney, New York
Middle School: Priyankar Kandarpa, Singapore