Divisions: Collegiate (possibly), Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School
Competition Type: Individual, 1 multiple choice exam used solely for seeding with 15 questions, 1 preliminary round of 25 questions, 1 final round of 25 questions. The same number of questions are played in all divisions in this event.

  • No Sample Questions Are Available

The Blitz is a new event for the 2022 International History Olympiad. The Blitz is a bee event that will focus on a very specific topic in history that no one is expected to have any prior knowledge of. The topic itself will be announced at 8am on Day 2 at breakfast. Students will be given approximately 30-50 pages of reference material on the topic; all clues and answerlines in the tossups will be contained within these pages. After one hour of studying, students take a 15 question multiple choice exam to determine seeding. Immediately thereafter, one round of 25 tossup questions is played. The top players in each room in each division (the Blitz is not open to Elementary Division players), then are given an additional 30 minutes to study, and then they compete in a 25 question final.
To avoid random guessing, all questions in the Blitz will be played according to IAC Bee Championships Playoffs scoring (6, 5, 4, and 3 points for power depending on the buzz, -2 for an incorrect response during the question, -1 for an incorrect response at the end of the question).
A collegiate division for the Blitz will be held if there is sufficient interest (i.e. at least six players).