Divisions: Collegiate, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Elementary
Competition Type: Individual, 3 preliminary rounds and 1 final round, each consisting of 35 (Collegiate, V, and JV) or 30 (MS and Elementary) tossup questions. The final round of this competition will be played in New York City on the final day, with medals being awarded in Central Park.

Do you keep up with current events? Have you followed the course history has taken throughout your lifetime? Many players only rarely encounter recent history in their school coursework, but a knowledge of recent history is self-evidently important for being a well-informed citizen. Here’s your chance to put your knowledge of recent events, from geopolitics to global popular culture to use.

Note: Questions used in this tournament will begin with the year 2000 and cover material from then until the present.

2018 Champions
Varsity: Alex Schmidt, Pennsylvania
Junior Varsity: John John Groger, Ohio
Middle School: Siddharth Kamannavar, California

2016 Champions
Varsity: Jakob Myers, Illinois
Junior Varsity: Ryan Hamilton, Canada
Middle School: Ethan Yan, California

2015 Champions
Varsity: Jesse Bennett, Tennessee
Junior Varsity: Matthew Robbins, New Hampshire
Middle School: Abeer Dahiya, Singapore