Pelé-relevo1Divisions: Collegiate, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Elementary, Family
Type: Individual, 3 preliminary rounds of 30 (Collegiate, V, JV, and Family) or 30 (MS and Elementary) tossup questions + finals

From the beginnings of the Olympics in 776 BC until the present-day, sporting events have had their own unique history. This tournament will focus on global sports, and the influence of sports on history and history on sports. Will your knowledge of the wide world of sports bring you the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat? Take the challenge and find out!

2018 Champions
Varsity: Peter Blanchfield, Minnesota
Junior Varsity: Avi Mehta, India
Middle School: Robert Ogg, New York
Family: Garrett Blanchfield, Minnesota

2016 Champions
Varsity: Luke Tierney, New York
Junior Varsity: Jeremy Zhang, New York
Middle School: Neel Date, Japan

2015 Champions
Varsity: Jesse Bennett, Tennessee
Junior Varsity: Alex Schmidt, Pennsylvania
Middle School: Braeden Forman, Illinois