The Family Quiz was one of the more relaxing events of the Olympiad, with none of the nerve-wracking silence of the exams, or the extensive preparation needed for buzzer based events. The Family Quiz was a way for parents to be more involved in the Olympiad. Rather than just watching their children and being frustrated at their mistakes, parents got the chance to take part in a competition of their own, which spanned the topics of history, television and much more!
However, the competition didn’t have the best start. Out of the six middle school teams, one dropped out beforehand, and two got stuck in traffic on the way back from New York. After some conferring amongst the moderators, they came up with a new format, with all three teams facing off at the same time. Despite a slow start, the Quiz came to a fabulous ending. Everyone left with a trophy and a smile on their faces.
Chloe Seto
Middle School, Hong Kong