Congratulations to all the participants who attended the Alexander the Great legacy and life simulations. While Varsity and JV students participated in a longer version of the first, elementary and middle school students could choose one or the other. In the first scenario, competitors were asked to introduce themselves and state what they were hoping to accomplish. Afterward, they would list out campaigns to either protect or expand Alexander’s empire had he survived. The second one would have students serve as his generals, following a pathway given the experiences that actually occurred. This varied between rooms. Congratulations to the following people who the judges believed did the best in their sections.


Part 1: Legacy



Gold – Carter Copeland (Florida)

Silver – Lawrence Chaunlun Wu (Canada)

Bronze – Jordan Liu (Canada)


Junior Varsity

Gold – Valentin Le Blanc (Canada)

Silver – Jai Shah (New York)

Bronze – Benjamin Marek (California)


Middle School

Gold – Joseph Hooper (South Dakota)

Silver – Sriram Susarla (Texas)

Bronze – Nathaniel Marek (California)



Gold – Gavin Sigua (Indiana)

Silver – Sydney Kang (Minnesota)
Bronze – DeWitt Silber (New Jersey)


Part 2: Life

Middle School

Gold – Matthew Li (Virginia)

Silver – Haughton Neppi (Virginia)

Bronze – Sahil Neelimandhu (Minnesota)



Gold – Sahil Prasad (Maryland)

Silver – Aarav Singh (New Hampshire)

Bronze – Neel Jayaraman (New York)

Sanjeev Anand

Varsity, Georgia (USA)