The Risk tournament was another fun trophy event. Three games involving individuals or teams culminated in matches seeking to gain the most points by capturing other players’ territories and/or capitals. Although results for one have still not been released yet, congratulations to the following teams in their divisions!


Varsity/Junior Varsity

Gold (1st Place) – TBA

Silver (2nd Place) – TBA

Bronze (3rd Place) – TBA

Middle School

Gold (1st Place) – Haughton Neppl (Virginia) – 29 points

Silver (2nd Place) – Shubh Hosad (Tennessee) – 26 points

Bronze (3rd Place) – William Qiu (Canada) – 6 points 

(tied with Neeta Yechoor (Pennsylvania))


Gold (1st Place) – Team Yellow (Henry Berger (Maryland), Yimo Xie (Canada), Vishal Teklur (California), and Neel Jayaraman (New York)) – 28 points

Silver (2nd Place) – Team Blue (Dewitt Silber (New Jersey), Ajishveera Jayachandran (Arizona), and Kento Giraldo (New Jersey)) – 17 points

Bronze (3rd Place) – Team Green (Shinshin Wang (Canada), Connie Jin (Canada), and Sarang Chong (New Jersey)) – 16 points

Sanjeev Anand

Varsity, Georgia (USA)