Congratulations to our East Asian History exam winners! Students were asked to answer 100 questions in 40 minutes over the entire history of East and Southeast Asian history. They received +2 points for every correct answer, 0 for every blank answer, and -1 for every incorrect answer. Congratulations to the following people for scoring in the top of their divisions.



Gold – Yanni Batayola Ranolio (Philippines) – 191 points

Silver – Raymond Ha (Canada) – 185 points

Bronze – Pojchara Ounjaroen (Thailand) – 183 points


Junior Varsity

Gold – Robert Wang (New Jersey) – 183 points

Silver – Lucas O’Flanagan (Connecticut) – 177 points

Bronze – Sean Pastalaniec (Texas) – 174 points


Middle School

Gold – Justin Sun (Texas) – 180 points

Silver – Samanyu Ganesh (Georgia) – 171 points

Bronze – Luke Ng (Singapore) – 169 points



Gold – Satvik Jain (Maryland) – 178 points

Silver – Imandeep Matharu (California) – 173 points

Bronze – Aadhrith Sathiyamangalam Sarvesh (United Kingdom) – 164 points


When asked about his mood, Robert Wang responded how he feels “tired and under the effects of a caffeine crash.” With four more days of jam-packed activity following, he would not be alone in this feeling. Regardless, with many competitions to come, we are all still very excited about the future. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event!

Sanjeev Anand

Varsity, Georgia (USA)