The International History Bee is the second most important competition at the International History Olympiad. It involves 6-10 participants listening to 35 questions in regards to historical events from recorded history. If a person answers a question right, they get a point. However, if three people incorrectly answer the qLre the end of the question as a penalty. Participants who gain 8 points get to leave with bonus points depending on how early they finished. The overall score over 6 rounds would be tabulated for each division with the top twelve advancing to the semifinals. The semifinals involve a superpower value of 6 points, a power value of 5 points, a regular value of 4 points, an end value of 3 points, an incorrect question value of -2 points, and an incorrect finished value of -1 point. These competitions remain 35 questions; however, every participant continues to play throughout the match. At the end of the match, the top scores are declared the gold, silver, and bronze winners. In every semifinal match, the top 3 scorers advance to the finals while the finals are the same for earning placements. Congratulations to the following people for winning in their divisions!



Gold – Cooper Roh (Illinois)

Silver – Yanni Batayola (Philippines)

Bronze – Tanuj Chandekar (New Jersey)

Fourth Place – Ian Lu (New York)

Fifth Place – Raymond Ha (Canada)

Sixth Place – Simon Emmanuel (New Jersey)


Junior Varsity

Gold – Robert Wang (New Jersey)

Silver – Arin Parsa (California)

Bronze – Abihir Arvind (California)

Fourth Place – Ethan Lu (Massachusetts)

Fifth Place – Lucas O’Flanagan (Connecticut)

Sixth Place – Thomas Glotfelty (Virginia)


Middle School – 

Gold – Luke Ng (Singapore)

Silver – Samanyu Ganesh (Georgia)

Bronze – Padraig Finan (Washington)

Fourth Place – Alan Marhic (Georgia)

Fifth Place – Haughton Neppl (Virginia)

Sixth Place – Grant Han (California)



Gold – Quentin Cunningham (New Jersey)

Silver – Sahil Prasad (Maryland)

Bronze – Aadhrith Sathiyamangalam (United Kingdom)

Fourth Place – Satvik Jain (Maryland)

Fifth Place – Gavin Sigua (Indiana)

Sixth Place – Imandeep Matharu (California)

Sanjeev Anand

Varsity, Georgia (USA)