While all students were busy competing at the 2022 International History Olympiad, a number of students took some time to report on the competition as well. Their collective work as the International History Olympiad Press Corps is compiled here. You can also view the official video of the 2022 International History Olympiad, as part of our “At the Buzzer” series of videos from our Championship level events.

In addition to student reporters, we also picked up press coverage from far and wide. Kenneth Silber, a journalist and father of one of the competing students, wrote this article about the Olympiad which presents a summary of the week from a parent’s point of view. Meanwhile, our students from Ecuador, including Gold Medalist Alejandra Lasso, were featured in this TV report after they arrived back home in South America. The video of the news report, which can be viewed here, was taped in Spanish, but even if you don’t speak the language, you can sense the enthusiasm that Ecuador’s first-ever International History Olympiad generated in their home country!