When Science and History get together, it is truly a powerful combo for IHO students. Here, students had the chance to learn more about scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical history, while racing against their peers on the buzzer. 

Whether it is ancient mathematics or the discovery of new tetraquarks at the Large Hadron Colliders, there was something for everyone. While many of the questions were tough, students continued to push themselves for a challenge and performed very well. Congratulations to all the awardees for their superior knowledge in the STEM field!!! 


Gold- Satvik Jain (Maryland)- 16 points in finals 

Silver-Evan Ting (Indiana)-10 points in finals 

Bronze-Parnavdeep Singh Kundi (Canada)- 3 

points in finals 

Middle School 

Gold- Samanyu Ganesh (Georgia, US)- 19 points in finals 

Silver- Alan Marhic (Georgia, US)-7 points in finals 

Bronze-Lewis Brandt (New York)- 4 points in finals 

Junior Varsity 

Gold-Arin Parsa (California)- 27 points in finals 

Silver-Thomas Glotfelty(Virginia)- 13 points in finals with tie-breaker 

Bronze-Rajiv Pujara (Connecticut)- 13 points in finals 


Gold- Cooper Roh (Illinois)- 40 points in finals 

Silver- Tanuj Chandekar (New Jersey)- 11 points in finals 

Bronze- Adithya Madduri (Tennessee)- 4 points in finals

Navdeep Singh Badhan 

Varsity, Canada (Edmonton, AB)