Parents, Family Members, and Coaches are welcome to attend the 2018 International History Olympiad. In contrast with past Olympiads, though, we are setting a number of additional guidelines for Parents, Family Members, and Coaches attending the 2018 Olympiad:

1. All parents and family members (as well as family friends) are welcome to attend, but all those who attend must officially register, pay the family member registration fee, and stay at one of the official Olympiad hotels, where staff members who will organize transportation and answer any concerns will also stay. If you are not staying at the official Olympiad hotel, you will not be allowed to attend any of the competitions or sightseeing events (with the exception of the Closing Ceremonies, for which you would need to pay a charge of 35 euros or $45 per adult and 25 euros or $30 per minor.
We are implementing this policy for security reasons at the school and youth hostel, as well as for ease of organization for an event that dwarfs the size of the previous two Olympiads in terms of its event offerings, but also its logistical complexity. This will also give family members a more complete experience, as they will be much more integrated into Olympiad events than at previous Olympiads.

1A. Coaches are welcome as well. See below for pricing. Note that, as is the case with family members and friends, coaches must stay in an official Olympiad hotel.

1B. For now, there is only one official Olympiad hotel, the Pentahotel Berlin-Potsdam. We have a guaranteed room block of 55 rooms with double occupancy and 10 rooms with triple occupancy. We may be able to expand this block of rooms, but cannot guarantee that. If we are unable to do so, additional rooms may have to be booked at a separate hotel, at which point, the price may rise to cover the differential.

1C. The Pentahotel Berlin-Potsdam (actually located just outside the Berlin city limits in the town of Teltow) is located about 15 minutes by car from the Berlin-Wannsee Youth Hostel. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from the Pentahotel Berlin-Potsdam to the school; we will also have a shuttle service.

1D. The Pentahotel Berlin-Potsdam features the following amenities for all guests:

-Modern and relaxed ambiance
-Individually air-conditioned rooms
-Pay TV = Free TV (free Sky-TV, with sport and film channels)
-A large bottle of water in your room upon arrival, free of charge
-165 parking places right next to the hotel, free of charge
-Fitness center and sauna (open 24 hours a day), free of charge
-Complimentary WIFI
-Business Station in the lobby with complimentary internet access
-Billiards and Playstation 4 in the Pentalounge (for evening activities with fun and entertainment)
-Bar and Restaurant

2. The registration fee includes lodging at the hotel, but not meals (except breakfast) or drinks. It also includes the ability to participate in the following events in the Family Division (we will have medals for these, but these will not count towards the official medals table for the students):
Battery Exam
Berlin History Exam
Hextathlon (families can compete together on teams of up to 5, or you can pair up, or we can assign teams. No team would include the competing students, though, as they’ll be on their own official teams)
Popular Music History Bee
Sports History Bee
Note that none of these events are required – if parents and family members don’t wish to compete at all, that’s completely fine.

3. Parents and family members are welcome to take part in all sightseeing opportunities, as well as all of the other non-competitive events and activities listed here. Note that it is not required for parents and family members to be taking part in Olympiad-sponsored activities at all times. If parents and family members wish to visit other sites on their own at any point, that’s fine. The registration fees for the sightseeing opportunities are included in the registration fees for parents and family members, but only at the times listed when we will be visiting them. No discounts will be provided though, if parents and family members only take part in a limited number of events and sightseeing opportunities.

4. In addition to the above, we are also organizing the following extra events for parents and family members:

-Day 1, July 15 – Botanical Garden Visit 
On the afternoon of the first full day, students (and interested parents and family members) take the 400 question Battery multiple choice exam. For those who would rather spend their time outside, we’ll be organizing a trip to the nearby Berlin Botanical Garden. We’ll leave at 1pm, arrive at 1:30, and stay until 3pm, which will allow enough time to get back for the Historical Geography Bee or 3:30pm (different leaders will leave at different times; the latter time will allow you to get back in time for the FIFA World Cup Finals) though if you wish to stay longer, you’re more than welcome to do so.

-Day 2, July 16 – Schlachtensee Boating, Swimming, & Biergarten Outing
The Berlin Brandenburg International School is not far from the Schlachtensee, a lake which features swimming and boating opportunities and a beautiful biergarten and restaurant. On the afternoon of Day 2, weather permitting, we’ll organize a trip here to soak in the relaxing atmosphere. The path around the lake is 5km for those who wish to walk or jog. This runs concurrently with the Hextathlon, so those competing in that would not be able to come. Pending interest, though, we may run this outing or a comparable one to a different beach later on in the week as well.

-Day 3, July 17 – Berlin Nighttime Tour
Berlin’s nightlife is world-famous and has been for over 100 years. While you’re on your own if you want to brave the bouncers at the Berghain, we’ll be happy to show you a few unique nightspots around town. Tours may include where Christopher Isherwood lived when writing Goodbye to Berlin, which became the basis for the musical Cabaret, or otherwise various bars and nightspots of note. Everyone must be 18 or older to attend. We will depart the Berlin Brandenburg International School at 7pm for this; others can meet us en route in the middle of town. Those going on this tour will be unable to watch the first 3 rounds of the History Bowl that evening.

-Day 4, July 18 – Loretta am Wannsee Biergarten Evening (6:30pm-10pm, though you can leave earlier)
Loretta am Wannsee, located close to the Berlin-Wannsee Youth Hostel where the students are staying, is one of the nicest Biergartens in Berlin. As we’ll be going directly to the Youth Hostel after the visit to Sachsenhausen, parents and family will be able to have dinner at Loretta am Wannsee, which features classic German fare and drink. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, or return to the Youth Hostel to watch the Classical Music History Bee or The Lives of Others, our Film Festival selection that evening. There is also another biergarten about 3-4 minutes by foot from the Pentahotel Berlin-Potsdam which parents, coaches, and family members can visit.

-Day 5, July 19 – Shopping Trip
The morning of Day 5 allows for some time to go on a shopping excursion, stopping at KaDeWe, Berlin’s (and one of the world’s) most famous department stores, followed by the boutiques of Mitte near Hackescher Markt. We’ll follow with an official Olympiad car, so that you can drop off your purchases for safekeeping before heading off to whichever sightseeing activity that afternoon you choose.

-Day 6, July 20 – German Wine Tasting
On the afternoon of July 20 at 5pm, we’ll have a German wine tasting with samples from a selection of vineyards throughout Germany. German wines have become increasingly renowned in recent years, and you’ll get to try a selection of both red and white varietals from regions such as the Pfalz (Palatinate), Franken (Franconia), the Mosel Valley (Moselle), and more. A selection of German cheeses and fruits will also be on offer to try. No one under 18 is permitted, but if two parents are coming, one can bring samples to the other who can wait with children outside the tasting room. This event will be held at the main Parents Hotel, the PentaHotel Berlin Potsdam.

Children not competing in the Olympiad (guidelines updated on Nov. 24, 2017)
Children of all ages may come to the Olympiad together with their parents (or grandparents, guardians, etc.). However, please be mindful of the following guidelines:

1. Children under two years of age are welcome to come free of charge, with the exception of any fees charged by the hotel for a baby or infant in the room and any public transit pass charges for having a stroller/pram. Please note that such children are not able to watch competitions though, lest they disturb the competitors at an inopportune moment. We highly recommend you bring a stroller / pram in such cases, as a good amount of walking will be unavoidable over the course of the week.

2. Children from 2-6 years of age, while allowed at the Olympiad, are not particularly encouraged to attend, as there are very few events planned which are appropriate for children in this age group, nor do we provide child care so that parents can take part in the other events on their own. Children in this age range staying at the hotel cost 2/3 of the prices listed below for what an additional adult would cost (meaning, a room with one child aged 2-6 and one adult costs $2100). They are welcome to participate in whatever portions of the program their parents and guardians deem appropriate, but special allowances will not otherwise be made to accommodate them.

3. Children aged 7 and above are welcome at the Olympiad. They cost the same amount as an adult, as they can take part in the spectator Olympiad program in full. Note that it is up to parents and guardians to judge if a child is likely to enjoy the week, given the program on offer (translation: some 7-9 year olds in particular may find the official program overall to be a bit demanding). Note that children must be in the company of their parents or guardians at all times.

4. Children 17 and younger are not welcome if not accompanied by their parents or guardians, even if they are teenagers.

5. Siblings aged 18-26 who are not competing in the Olympiad may stay either at the Olympiad hotel or at the youth hostel. Siblings not competing aged 17 and younger must stay with their parents. Even if they are 18 or older, if they stay at the youth hostel, they are required to comply with Olympiad rules for competing students at all times that they are at the youth hostel or participating in Olympiad group activities. However, our staff is not responsible for supervising siblings 18 and older, as they are legally adults. The cost is the same for these siblings regardless of whether they stay at the hotel or the youth hostel.

6. Finally, do note that it is permitted for families (including non-competing siblings age 18 and older) at any times to set out on their own and explore Berlin outside of our group – no activity for spectators is mandatory. However, no discounts will be provided for anyone (child or adult) who only participates in a portion of the program.

Costs (see above paragraph for costs for non-competing children)

The costs for parents and family members are confirmed as follows: (includes 8 nights lodging at the Pentahotel Berlin-Potsdam, airport pickup/dropoff, public transit pass, all sightseeing with leaders, above-listed competitions, other Olympiad events (e.g. Book Club, Film Festival, etc.), and entry to the Berlin Brandenburg International School to watch all competitions open to spectators)
1 person (in one room) – $1600 USD
2 people (in one room) – $2350 USD
3 people (in one or two rooms *) – $3750 USD
4 people (in two rooms) – $4700 USD
5 people (in three rooms) – $6300 USD
6 people (in three rooms) – $7050 USD

The cost includes breakfast, but not other meals.

Update May 16: No triple rooms in our room block are available any longer. There may be a few rooms that we can book outside our block, but because these would cost considerably more, the price is now $3750 for 3 people, regardless of whether one or two rooms are used to accommodate 3 people. If you are registering 3 people from now on, we will ask you for your preference as to whether you would prefer one triple occupancy room or two rooms (Though we cannot guarantee triple occupancy room availability here, since this is not in our block anymore. We can check on it though, if you are interested).

Extra nights will be available for $110 USD per single room, $125 USD per double room, and $175 per triple room including breakfast on either end of the stay, on a space permitting basis. These need to be booked through the International History Olympiad directly, not by calling the hotel.

Coaches are entitled to a discount of $200 USD per student brought from their school, maximum 8 (in which case they stay for free). If a second coach from a school comes, that coach can receive an additional 8 students. Limit 2 coaches per school. Coaches must be NHBB / IHBB coaches who have attended multiple tournaments before in the capacity as official coaches. If Coaches are also attending the IGB World Championships, they are entitled to a $300 USD discount per student competing in both competitions. In this case, the total maximum discount a coach can claim cannot exceed the combined spectator registration fee for both competitions.

These prices are also depending on availability. While the Olympiad will not sell out, per se, we will have a limited number of rooms for our group at the official hotel, and once those have sold out, additional rooms may be somewhat more expensive to cover higher rates. Note that if you are coming alone, and would like to request a roommate to save on costs, you can request that, and we can pair you up as long as we can find someone also requesting a roommate. We cannot guarantee this though.

International Geography Bee
Combined pricing for parents/family members/friends/coaches coming both for the IGB World Championships and the International History Olympiad will be as follows (for 11 nights, from July 11 through July 22, not including the night of July 22):
1 person (in one room) – $2100 USD
2 people (in one room) – $3050 USD
3 people (in two rooms) – $4700 USD
4 people (in two rooms) – $6600 USD
5 people (in three rooms) – $7300 USD
6 people (in three rooms) – $8250 USD

Update May 15: No more triple or quad rooms are available for IGB. A slight discount may be applicable if either the IGB or the International History Olympiad can do triple occupancy (or quad occupancy in the case of IGB). Please contact to inquire as to triple or quad occupancy availability and pricing, if it is only available at one hotel but not the other.

These prices include breakfast at the Olympiad hotel from July 16 onwards, but not at the IGB hotels. There are many options for breakfast near the IGB hotels, though.

Payment, Refund, and Cancellation Policy
No participant will be allowed to take part unless all payments and applicable late fees have been paid and received prior to July 10! Payments are due by July 1.
As for refunds, we can refund payments in full, minus a $100 processing fee until April 10. From April 10-June 20, we can issue a 50% refund for payment. After June 20, no refunds will be given for any reason.