Parents, Family Members, Family Friends, and Coaches are welcome to attend the 2022 International History Olympiad. For 2022, there is no cost to attend or spectate the competition events which are open to spectators, though due to space limitations, it may not be possible to attend all preliminary rounds of buzzer-based competitions, as well as certain other events. Elementary Division students are required to attend with a parent or legal guardian. Students in the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School Divisions are welcome to attend without a parent (Olympiad staff can meet them at the airport or train station), with the exception of students who suffer from potentially life-threatening food or other allergies. Students with these conditions and/or other disabilities are welcome to attend, of course, though if such students typically rely on a parent or other caregiver to handle their condition, IAC reserves the right to require such students to attend with a parent or legal guardian.

On a limited basis, parents of students from Canada and the USA whose mother tongue is English can also apply to be volunteers. This can lessen the costs of their children’s program fees depending on their level of involvement. Volunteers will need to have prior experience in assisting at IAC competitions, pass a background check, and have first aid certification. If you are interested in this option, please contact

Parents, Friends, Family Members, and Coaches are welcome to compete in any multiple choice exam, as well as the Popular Music History Bee and the Sports History Bee (though there may be field caps for these depending on levels of interest). There is no cost to compete in these, nor is there any cost for any “Parents Program” though parents who wish to attend field trips and museums must pay for those on an a la carte basis, and certain field trips will only be open to participating students. Further details will be provided on this in advance of the Olympiad once Event Selection opens. There will also be an Opening Reception for attending parents and other guests which will take place immediately following the Opening Ceremonies on July 25 while the competing students sit the Battery Exam.

Information regarding students staying with their families

Per Elementary Division Students Staying with their Families at the Westin Princeton Forrestal Village
Elementary Division students who are required to attend with their parents pay the $1775 program fee, and then an extra $1225 for the room (tax included) for seven nights (which then includes accommodations for up to 4 people if selecting a double room). If a king room is selected, then a rollaway bed can be added to accommodate a third person in the room for an extra $200 for the week. Thus, for example, a student attending with their parents, where the parents plan on sleeping in a king bed, and the student in an added rollaway bed costs $3200. Due to space limitations, there is an initial field cap of 60 Elementary Division students to stay at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, though there is no other field size restriction specifically for the Elementary Division if students are staying elsewhere with their parents.

For Elementary Division students, if families are staying at the Westin, they may only book one bedroom per student. Thus it is not permitted (due to limited room block space) to book 3 rooms (with other family members staying in the other 2 rooms).  If they are coming with 2 or 3 participating students (in one family), it is permitted to just book one room. In this case, there is no additional accommodation charge (i.e. select the day student option for additional students). It is permitted in this case only for students in older age divisions to stay with their parents. For Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity students, it IS now permitted (and recommended) for parents to stay at the Westin in the IAC room block (due to space limitations). IAC will not be providing transit between other accommodations and the Westin; parents must rent a car, use their own car, rideshare, or work out other arrangements.
Elementary Division parents will be asked to indicate their accommodation preferences when filling out their child’s registration form; an invoice including payment instructions for accommodations will then be sent. For further questions on this matter please contact

Accommodations and Registration for School-Sponsored Coaches and Chaperones
Coaches or chaperones who are on the faculty of a school from outside the continental USA, as well as a coach accompanying at least one student in the Elementary Division, are permitted to stay at the Westin in a room on their own. The cost is $1200, including all taxes, for the seven nights from the evening of July 25 through the morning of August 1. A second person can stay in the room free of charge if desired; a rollaway bed can be provided for an extra $200 for the week too for a third person. A fourth person can stay in the same room free of charge if a room with two double beds is requested. Coaches are on their own in terms of securing their meals, but note that there are plenty of meal options within walking distance of the hotel.
If a coach or chaperone wishes to book a room, please email and we will provide an invoice with payment instructions. Please do not book with the hotel directly – the room rates that are currently posted online for the hotel for that period are significantly more expensive than what we are charging for the coach’s rate.