Parents, Family Members, Family Friends, and Coaches are welcome to attend the 2022 International History Olympiad. As at the prior 2018 Olympiad, we are setting a number of additional guidelines for Parents, Family Members, and Coaches attending in 2022. These will be posted here in advance of the 2022 Olympiad once the venue has been announced and further arrangements have been made.

Parents, Friends, and Family Members who pay a supplemental registration fee will be able to participate in the following events in the Family Division (we will have medals for these, but these will not count towards the official medals table for the Olympiad):
Battery Exam
Local History Exam
Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Popular Music History Bee
Sports History Bee
Note that none of these events are required – if parents and family members don’t wish to compete at all, that’s completely fine.

The supplemental fee for coaches is waived if at least three students are coming from a school and the coach agrees to participate as an adjunct staff member. If more than one coach is attending, one supplemental fee may be waived for every 8 competing students or fraction thereof. Coaches must still pay the normal fees for accommodations and food. Coaches must be full-time staff members or designated History Bowl / quiz bowl coaches from their schools and have served in such capacity throughout at least the 2021-2022 academic year. IAC reserves the right to deny coach status if we believe these criteria have not been sufficiently met. Parents typically do not qualify as coaches, unless they have taken primary responsibility for a school’s participation not only at the Olympiad but throughout at least the 2021-2022 academic year.

International Geography Bee
There is no combined pricing or discounts if parents, family members, family friends, or coaches are also attending the International Geography Bee World Championships, although the adjunct staff member discount will be applicable there as well under the same policies.