Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Elementary
Competition Type: Individual, 75 Question Multiple Choice Exam. Duration of 30 minutes.

The 2023 International History Olympiad will feature an exam on the history of the countries and peoples of Africa. This exam will consist of 75 multiple choice questions. It will feature questions on African history spanning from the Great Rift Valley to twentieth-century decolonization efforts and modern Africa. The questions on this exam may also include questions regarding interactions between African and European settlers; while the exam does not cover current events, there will be questions on recent history included.

While the African History exam is new to the Olympiad in 2023, the 2022 American Indian History Exam was of a comparable difficulty level and may give students an idea of the breadth and depth of the questions that will be present on the African History Exam. Students may also wish to use previous versions of the Olympiad Battery exam’s Africa sections as an example of the content breadth that will be present.

2022 International History Olympiad American Indian History Exam
2022 International History Olympiad American Indian History Exam – ANSWER KEY