Divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, Elementary
Competition Type: Team, 6 different events
This is a required event for all competing students.

The Hextathlon (sometimes spelled Hexathlon; both versions are considered correct) is a collaborative team event where team members will work together to come up with correct answers on 6 different types of quizzes, including the following:
1. Crossword Puzzle Quiz
2. 3-2-1 Quiz (This is new for 2022). Teams will hear questions audibly and have the chance to submit an answer off a difficult clue for 3 points, a moderate clue for 2 points, or an easy clue for 1 point. Clues will be read in 3-2-1 order, with teams having an opportunity to submit an answer before the next clue is read. Teams can only submit 1 answer per question, however (i.e. you cannot submit an answer after each clue, or go back and change your answer upon hearing a later clue)
3. Multiple Choice Quiz
4. Map Quiz
5. Audio Quiz
6. Picture Quiz
There will be a limited amount of time for each version of the quiz (likely 16 minutes for each step), and each quiz will be worth the same amount in the overall score.

2018 Champions
Varsity: Canada A (Ryan Hamilton, Kevin Le, Gareth Thorlakson)
Junior Varsity: India A (Varun Gupta, Govind Prabhakar, Arjun Nageswaran)
Middle School: California A (Siddharth Kamannavar, Shiva Oswal)

2016 Champions
Varsity: Team Illiaysia (Jakob Myers [IL], Sam Hofer [Malaysia])
Junior Varsity: Canada A (Ryan Hamilton, Jason Qu, Gareth Thorlakson)
Middle School: California A (Shiva Oswal, Joshua Replogle, Josh Rollin)

2015 Champions
Varsity: California (Andrew Leung, Bruce Lou)
Junior Varsity: Canada (Ryan Hamilton, Gareth Thorlakson)
Middle School: New York A (Matthew Hasenwinkel, Daniel Ma, Jeremy Zhang)