STEM History Bee

When Science and History get together, it is truly a powerful combo for IHO students. Here, students had the chance to learn more about scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical history, while racing against their peers on the buzzer.  Whether it is ancient mathematics or the discovery of new tetraquarks at the Large Hadron Colliders, there was something for everyone. While many of the questions were tough, students continued to push themselves for a challenge [...]

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The rise of the Romans: Civilization Tournament

Romulus and Remus founded Rome in 753 B.C. , but will the students of IHO be able to do the same? Sid Meier’s Civilization brought the students together to start from scratch and build a powerful Roman civilization. But the task is not easy. Barbarian ambushes, enemy kingdoms, and unprecedented floods threaten the existence of Rome. But the students fought well as they strived to progress their civilizations forward. During [...]

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Country Exam- A trip to Poland!

The race against time begins as students compete for not only medals but also a Poland Trip and a visit by government officials. Out of 100 questions, the one who gets the most score in 40 minutes across all age divisions is awarded a ticket to Poland.  The competition was tough, but students worked hard to learn more about Poland and its rich history, culture, geography, and even swords. [...]

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Classical Music Bee

Students have experienced written questions about Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, but how about an audio twist? Here, 50% of the questions were audio; 4 songs were played, and students were asked to identify composers, name of the pieces, and other historical facts. The challenge is on!  Students had a unique experience at the International History Olympiad and had a great time recalling amazing composers well-known in history and especially [...]

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Defend your civilization! – Civilization Scenario: Black Death

Ever wondered how civilizations have survived the deadly plague? Well, students had the chance to find out through Sid Meier’s Civilization game.  Students across all age divisions competed to see who could defend their civilization from the Black Death. Cities were destroyed and populations were diminished, yet students fought hard against barbarians and the disease. Competitors raced against time to see who could score the highest by gathering resources, building defenses, and training plague-doctors, [...]

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May the Best Economy Win! – Great Trading Game

Students face off in a mock financial game where China, Brazil, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States attempt to find their trade alliances and race for economic dominance.  Along the way, unforeseen economic updates cause market crashes, shortage of goods, and cybersecurity threats. Both Producing and Finance countries also compete to answer economic-themed questions correctly and stock up their resources, including transportation ships and central [...]

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Princess Angelika Ewa Jarosławski Sapieha – Peace and Polish Culture

The students and staff of the International History Olympiad were excited and awed to welcome Princess Angelika Ewa Jarosławski Sapieha of Poland, International Peace Ambassador, who gave a speech on ridding the world of landmines. She founded the One Mine One Life organization, inspired by Princess Diana's work with landmines.  Before beginning the speech, she congratulated the students of the International History Olympiad on their astonishing accomplishment of qualifying [...]

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East Asian History Exam

Congratulations to our East Asian History exam winners! Students were asked to answer 100 questions in 40 minutes over the entire history of East and Southeast Asian history. They received +2 points for every correct answer, 0 for every blank answer, and -1 for every incorrect answer. Congratulations to the following people for scoring in the top of their divisions.   Varsity Gold - Yanni Batayola Ranolio (Philippines) - [...]

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International History Bee

The International History Bee is the second most important competition at the International History Olympiad. It involves 6-10 participants listening to 35 questions in regards to historical events from recorded history. If a person answers a question right, they get a point. However, if three people incorrectly answer the qLre the end of the question as a penalty. Participants who gain 8 points get to leave with bonus points [...]

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The Risk

The Risk tournament was another fun trophy event. Three games involving individuals or teams culminated in matches seeking to gain the most points by capturing other players’ territories and/or capitals. Although results for one have still not been released yet, congratulations to the following teams in their divisions!   Varsity/Junior Varsity Gold (1st Place) - TBA Silver (2nd Place) - TBA Bronze (3rd Place) - TBA Middle School Gold [...]

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