Olympiad Email # 10 – Where you need to be and when for Monday, July 13

Dear Olympians, We're more than halfway through, but still have 3 busy days to go! Tomorrow's (i.e. Monday the 13th) schedules are attached here as attachments, listed in the body of the email, will be posted to the website, and be found in Sadler's entrance. Thanks, and good luck! Best, David Monday schedule JV Monday schedule MS Monday schedule Varsity

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Email # 9 – Where you need to go and when for Sunday, July 12

Hi Everyone, Another great day of Olympiad competition is in the books! Remember to check for the updates on results and the medals table. The only update to pass along is that if you are parking on campus, you can do so tomorrow only in Faculty and Staff spaces. Otherwise, here are the schedules (by division now!) in terms of where to be and when for tomorrow. You [...]

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Email # 8 – Where you need to be and when for Friday, July 11

Dear Olympians! We hope you've had a busy and fantastic day of competition at the Olympiad! Here is what you need to know about Friday July 11's events, but first, two clarifications regarding rules. First, on protests - students must protest immediately (as per the rules). That is defined as before the next question. Moderators should not immediately rule on protests, even if they are experts in the field [...]

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Email # 7 – Link to scoring files and various logistics points for July 10

Hi Everyone, Thanks for a great opening ceremony tonight and you're well on your way with the Battery behind you. Here's your next update with some important information. 1. Link to score reports and draws This can be found here: - feel free to share with friends and family to follow from afar! 2. Important update regarding Varsity rooms We've moved the Varsity bee-style competitions from Lion to [...]

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International History Olympiad Email # 6 – 2 last points

Hi Everyone, We hope that you are en route or are soon to be en route to the Olympiad! We wanted to send one last email with two important points of clarification. First, over the past few days, a number of parents have emailed us with requests for reasonable accommodations for students with exceptional needs. If your student has any special needs that we should be aware of, please [...]

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Olympiad Email # 5 – Logistics and Final Major Updates

Dear Olympiad Participants! We're now just 2 days away, and your Olympiad advance scout team has arrived in Williamsburg to get everything set! Without any further ado, and in no particular order, here are some important things to keep in mind. Please read this email in full! It, like all emails will be posted to the "News" link on the menubar at but please read through it and [...]

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Email # 4 – Updates on Events & Forms to Submit

Hi Everyone! Here in the Eastern USA, we're now just 3 days away from the beginning of the Olympiad! In this relatively brief email, I just want to call your attention to some updates on various events. There will be a final main email in advance going out tomorrow with further information on logistics. But first a few important updates. 1. We are attaching a release form for our [...]

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International History Olympiad: General Email #3

Dear International History Olympiad Participants,  On behalf of our staff, I would like to extend an early welcome to you to the inaugural International History Olympiad! I hope that you are all getting excited about meeting in Williamsburg next week. Nolwenn and I congratulate you for qualifying, and thank you for your support of our competitions. Please read this email carefully, so that everything is clear. We will then send [...]

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International History Olympiad: Email #2 (Including Event Selection Form)

Dear International History Olympiad Participants! (Olympiad Staff, you have been CCed, but this email is just for informational purposes for you) We're now just 10 days away from the start of the Olympiad on July 9 ! We hope that you are getting excited and are studying hard. We have a few updates to pass along, as well as the Event Selection Forms for each division. Click on the [...]

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